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Kadyan Overseas
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Sewah Town, Panipat - 132 108,

Masale (Spices)

Food is the basic necessity of life; health-wise as well as taste-wise, we always tend to search best products available in market for our requirements.

Keeping this in mind, Kadyan Overseas, Panipat, has launched a unique mixture of Natural Spices by the name of “KDN Garam Masala” & “KDN Chat Masala”. These natural spices are manually grinded to keep their Aroma intact for a long time.

Our efforts won’t let you compromise your health in the name of taste and vice-versa. Unlike other brands, our products are free from Citric Acid, Tartaric Acid or any other types of Preservatives. Hence the essence of our Spices is 100% Natural.

And also for the benefit of your pocket, you just need to sprinkle a pinch of these Spices, instead of a tablespoon, as is required in the case of other Brands.