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Bio Gem Herbal Skin Lotion BIOGEM

Today pollution is posing an enormous challenge to Mother Nature herself. All the creatures on the face of the earth - be it plants, animals, or even human beings - have all become victims of this pollution, and are suffering directly or indirectly from its consequences. A vast majority of serious diseases occurring in human body is being increasingly attributed to this evil.

Amongst all the affected organs of human body, it is the SKIN which bears the maximum brunt of pollution for obvious reasons of its direct exposure to the environment. Furthermore, even many of the symptoms of the diseases affecting other internal organs also manifest themselves on the skin as well, in some cases rather as the first indication of the disease process. Some of the most prevalent manifestations on the skin are in the form of itching, eruptions, rashes, ringworm, eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, etc, etc.

The worst scenario is the vicious cycle of disease and medication, which further complicates the issue. People at large are subjected to strong and harmful medications, including steroids, often involving prolonged and expensive treatments, which neither treat us in true sense of the word nor allow us to withdraw from this vicious process. Most of the medicines available in the market today, except the natural formulations, contain harmful chemicals, including steroids, which suppress the disease instead of curing it, and after a span of time these suppressed diseases reappear in the body with even more severe intensity, thereby leaving the patients helpless and making their lives tougher rather.

We by no means can substitute the nature but at least we can utilize its soothing effect to take care of and nourish our most abused organ, i.e., the SKIN. The herbal preparations pamper our skin and don't cause any side effects as against the strong chemical-based modern medicines.

After keeping all this in mind, KDN Doctors & Researchers have developed a wonderful natural skin lotion, BIO GEM Herbal Skin Lotion, to heal & to protect skin from these diseases.

Bio Gem herbal skin lotion is an innovative formula which is 100% natural, herbal & very beneficial in all types of skin problems, e.g., Eczema, Psoriasis, Vitiligo and even other skin disorders like Scabies, Ringworm Infection, Urticaria, Sun Burns, Redness, Itching, Scaling, Inflamed area, Blisters, Cracks, Insect bites etc. Bio Gem Herbal Skin Lotion can be used by men and women of all age groups. Bio Gem herbal skin lotion is a wonderful antioxidant which helps in tissue repair and making the skin feels fresh & lively. It is useful not only for various skin diseases but can also enhance the natural health of the skin of healthy people.


Each 10ml contains:

Psoralea cory. oil 1.5 ml
Chamomile Oil 1.0 ml
Flaxseed Oil 1.0 ml
Tea Tree Oil 1.0 ml
Jojoba Oil 1.0 ml
Sun Flower Oil 1.0 ml
Mustard Oil 1.0 ml
Grapeseed Oil 0.5 ml
Olive Oil 0.5 ml
Castor Oil 0.5 ml
Wheat Grass Oil 0.5 ml
Apricot Oil 0.3 ml
Neem Oil 0.2 ml


Useful in red, Itchy and Scaly skin. Inflamed areas that may weep or bleed when scratched. Blistering, Cracked, Painful skin. Insect bites, Psoriasis & Leucoderma

How to use:

Sanitize your hands. Take the required amount of drops of Bio Gem herbal skin lotion on cotton and apply on affected areas thoroughly. Gently apply on affected area.


10ml in amber glass bottle with hi-tech dropper & cap.