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Herbal Eye Drops - Eye Glow eyeglow

Eye Glow is a unique herbal medicine which has been produced by a continuous process of mixture of pure and ancient Indian herbs. This way, the quality of the medicine remains in it for a longer period.

Its regular use gives a new life to the eyes and protect them from polluted environment of today. It improves eye sight and may help in downing glass numbers.

Eye Glow is the best remedy for Burning Eyes, Itching Eyes, Tired Eyes, Watering Eyes and Red Eyes. It shows its results within 3 days in such types of eye problems.

Going to cinemas, watching TV, working on Computers and late nights are such factors which push pressure on eyes. Eye Glow protects eyes and keeps them healthy with clear vision, if used regularly.

Eye Glow is very much useful in the problems which take place with age like: Cataract, Trachoma & Glaucoma. Eye Glow controls cataract growth and its regular use keeps eyes safe from cataract. eyeglow


Tictatuniray 2.630%
Tamershulvi 0.132%
Harad Jaws 1.052%
Sendhav 5.260%
Punarnava Ast. 0.526%
Pipal Choti 0.396%
Sita 10.520%
Chaksu 0.526%
Patal Vari 78.958%

Dosage: One drop in both the eyes twice a day. Do not rub the eyes.

Warning: Don't touch the dropper tip or any other dispensing tip to any surface since this may contaminate the solution. Replace and tighten the cap after every use carefully. Use the solution within 30 days after opening the container. In case of any problem, stop the use of medicine and consultant your doctor immediately.

Packing: 10 ml. L.D. bottle made on fully automatic machine from virgin and pharma grade plastic material.

Mode of Use: Tighten the cap completely for piercing the dropper tip. Now lie down on the bed and instill 1 drop in both the eyes and move head right and left (continue to open and close eyes) make sure that the whole part of an eye is covered with Eye Glow. After the water comes out, clean the eyes with a cotton cloth or wash with fresh or normal water.