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Homoeopathic Medicine for B.P. - Hyperoff hyperoff

Each time heart beats, it pumps oxygen-rich blood through the blood vessels or arteries, that run through body. Blood pressure is the force of the blood pushing against the walls of the arteries.

Blood pressure is always given as two numbers, the systolic & diastolic pressures. The pressure of blood against the artery walls when heart beats is called systolic pressure. The pressure between beats when heart relaxes is called diastolic pressure.

A systolic blood pressure of 140mmHg or Higher, or a diastolic blood pressure of 90 mmHg or higher, is considered high Blood Pressure or Hypertension.

Diabetes or Chronic Kidney Disease patients:- if they have systolic Blood Pressure of 130mmHg or higher, or a diastolic Blood Pressure of 80mmHg or higher is considered high Blood Pressure.

High blood pressure is often called "the silent killer" because it usually has no symptoms. some people may not find out they have high blood pressure until they have trouble with their heart, brain or kidneys. When high blood pressure is not diagnosed & treated, it can lead to other life-threatening conditions, including heart attack, stroke & kidney failure.

High Blood Pressure can be controlled by "page_text"taining a healthy weight, being physically active every day, eating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low fat dairy foods, cutting down on salt and sodium, & drinking less alcohol. Anyone can lower blood pressure by making these life style changes / yoga.

Hyperoff is a unique Homoeopathic preparation which not only controls High & Low Blood Pressure very fast but also helps to normalise it if taken regularly. hyperoff


Rauvolfia Serpentine HPI 2x 5% v/v
Viscum album HPI 3x 1% v/v
Crataegus oxy. HPI 2x 1% v/v
Arnica Montana HPI 3x .25% v/v
Valeriana off. HPI 3x .50% v/v
Melilotus alba HPI 3x .25% v/v
Cactus g. HPI 3x .25% v/v
Excipients   q.s.
Alcohol content   7% v/v

Dosage: 15 Drops thrice a day before 30 minutes of meal.

Presentation: 15ml. glass bottle

Mode of use: add drops in a cup of fresh water. Keep away from direct sunlight.

Avoid raw Onion, Garlic and Perfumery items.