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Homoeopathic Medicine for Diabetes - Diabecom diabecom

Diabetes Mellitus (Sugar) is a metabolic disorder where the body cannot contain a normal Blood Glucose Level. There is a high blood glucose level due to defective insulin secretion. Insulin is a hormone secreted by Pancreas to control the glucose level in the blood, in a person / patient. Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic condition.

Over period of time it can lead to Blindness, Kidney failure, Heart Diseases and Nerve Damage / Stroke etc. it is the third common cause of death after Heart Diseases and Cancer.

Here is a bitter truth that near about 40,000 legs have to be amputated every year in India due to diabetes i.e. 110 legs per day.

Most of the Diabetic (Sugar) patients have High Blood Pressure which leads to Heart Diseases and other diabetic complications.

Every fourth Diabetic patient in the world is Indian. Every year near about 3.2 crore people have been dyeing in the world due to Diabetes i.e. one person every second.

Diabecom is a unique Homoeopathic preparation which not only controls diabetes very fast but it also helps to bring down glucose level in the body and the patient can live a normal life, if Diabecom is taken regularly. diabecom


Acidum Phosphoricum HPI 12x 10% v/v
Arsenicum album HPI 8x 10% v/v
Lycopodium clavatum HPI 30x 10% v/v
Natrum suphuricum HPI 12x 10% v/v
Phaseolus nanus HPI 12x 10% v/v
Secale cornutum HPI 4x 10% v/v
Uranium nitricum HPI 30x 10% v/v
Alcohol Content   59% v/v
Purified water   q.s.
To make   100% v/v

Warning: Insulin dependent patients use Diabecom under the supervision of a Medical Practitioner only.

Dosage: 15 Drops thrice a day before 30 minutes of meal. After 15 Days, get the sugar test done, if there is decrease in the blood glucose level, then 10 drops thrice a day.

Presentation: 15ml. glass bottle

Mode of use: Add drops in a cup of fresh water. Keep away from direct sunlight.

Avoid Raw Onion, Garlic and Perfumery Items.